Great Wall, Beijing

                                  Beijing Mini Group Tours, 1 to 6 Guests

                                  Expert Planning, Unbeatable Value, Unique Experience
                                  • Why a Mini Group?
                                    When it comes to a great travel experience, the group size makes a big difference. A mini group tour is a way for people to travel inexpensively and hassle-free while enjoying more personal services. Our mini group is 1 to 6 Guests. We do this to ensure every member will be well cared for.
                                  • Why No Shopping?
                                    No shopping, No Detours, you will spend more time on highlight attractions, without wasting time in the overpriced tourist stores or factories, which also enable us to arrange one more site in day trips than any other agencies. We value your time for a pure Beijing group tour experience.
                                  • Is It Free Cancellation?
                                    Definitely Yes. Your payment is fully refundable if you cancel more than 24 hours prior to the trip. Usually a booking for the day trip depends on the time availability of the guest. It might change when approaching the date. We do this to guarantee you a worry-free booking.

                                  FAQs on Beijing Mini Group Tours

                                  Do your Beijing Mini Group Tours depart daily?
                                  Yes, all our Beijing group tour packages depart daily. The Forbidden City is regularly closed on Mondays, if you take the day trip and your date happens to meet Monday, we will arrange the Summer Palace visit instead. If you take 2 to 3 days Beijing group tour, we will exchange the sites for you to ensure all highlights are covered.
                                  What time will the guide pick me up at the hotel?
                                  The pick-up time is usually between 7:00 to 8:00. It slightly differs based on different tour arrangements. Your guide will contact you the day before to confirm the exact pick-up time.
                                  What is your pick-up range?
                                  Our free pick-up service is offered within the third ring road of Beijing city. Most hotels are within this area. If your hotel is beyond the range, we feel sorry that an additional transfer fee will be incurred. If your hotel is located in a narrow lane or an apartment block, we will find you a hotel on a main street nearby as your pick-up venue. To save time for sightseeing, please believe that we will arrange the morning pick-up efficiently.
                                  What kind of language does the guide speak?
                                  Our Beijing group tour packages are all English-speaking tours. The guides are experienced in delivering full explanations and outstanding services.
                                  • Customer Reviews
                                  • Questions & Answers
                                    4.740 Reviews
                                    New Zealand
                                    Posted on December 30, 2020
                                    We had so much fun on my 2-day Beijing small group tour (of 5 travelers)to Mutianyu Great Wall. The driver was earnest, passionate and picked us up at our hotel on time as the appointed time.

                                    But as soon as we entered the Forbidden City, it began to rain :( My dad didn’t get a perfect experience in Forbidden City (he expected this visit most before departure). However, our guide’s introduction was quite excellent, detailed and focused. Luckily, the rain lasted only an hour. We did have an enjoyable tour on the Mutianyu Great Wall. Day 2 was smooth and we spent a wonderful time! ... More
                                    Gene Guerrero
                                    Posted on December 09, 2020
                                    A great Beijing two days trip! My local guide was also impressive, responsible and attentive. He also had a rich knowledge about the history of the places of historic interest. I learned a lot about China and Beijing’s culture.

                                    The driver was always patient and punctual on pick-ups and drop-offs. I spent a great day with lots of insights and new information, and the tour was memorable!
                                    Susanna Costa
                                    Posted on November 16, 2020
                                    I felt so lucky to travel with our guide Tina on this 2-day Beijing mini group tour. She could arrange the itinerary reasonably to avoid the crowd, giving us a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

                                    The hotel was five-star quality and the meals were quite good with great varieties and good flavors. This short trip was one of the best trips I had ever experienced.
                                    Posted on August 18, 2020
                                    We really enjoyed exploring Beijing’s historical sites on this two days Beijing tour. Our guide was a very good photographer and knew exactly where to take good photos. The driver was impeccable. He drove safely, tried to make our journey as comfortable as possible and always kept the car spotless. I really got an amazing experience and hope to meet them again!
                                    Posted on August 12, 2020
                                    We started our mini Beijing group tours from the Tiananmen Square and ended at a Hutong. The Mutianyu Great Wall was a highlight attraction. We chose to hike up and get down by cable car. The mountain scenery should not be missed. The Hutong tour showed us a unique lifestyle of Chinese people. There we also tried the local food for our dinner. Thanks so much for the guide’s effort!
                                    United States
                                    Posted on August 05, 2020
                                    I was very satisfied with the Beijing 2-day itinerary and the explanations of the scenic spots. The 2 days tour successfully avoided the rush hours under the guidance of Linda. Her fantastic introduction gave us a deeper understanding of the city of Beijing. In a word, it was a rewarding trip!
                                    Posted on July 28, 2020
                                    I booked this one-day Beijing group tour for our family travel. We were arranged for a private guide and an experienced driver. They met us on time at our hotel and gave us brief introductions to our itinerary and the city. The vehicle was so good with good air conditioner and soft seats. The attractions were in order and we visited the Forbidden City instead of the Lama Temple. Very flexible and efficient. Our guide was an energetic young man with great physical strength. Sometimes my parents couldn’t just keep up with him closely. The experience of the whole trip was satisfactory. ... More
                                    Posted on July 20, 2020
                                    TCG team made all the difference on the 2-day mini Beijing group tour. We only had a couple of free days and 2 of them we spent with TCG team. We told them what we wanted to experience and what we were interested in seeing and they tailored it. They were extremely effective, professional, and thoughtful. They showed us around the best attractions and did their best to meet our needs. Beijing really has too much worth exploring! I hope I get to book an in-depth trip with them at some point in the future. ... More
                                    Posted on July 14, 2020
                                    We really had a good time on this 3 days Beijing trip! I would especially thank the guide Tina who planned a reasonable itinerary and offered thoughtful care. Her English was very fluent and interpretation was wonderful! Our meals, accommodation and transportation were well arranged. TCG did a good job! Very recommended!
                                    Posted on July 08, 2020
                                    My families all praised this 3 days Beijing tour! The guide Candy organized a detailed itinerary for us and took good care of us on the whole journey. Besides, she was thoughtful, versatile and outgoing. Our trip was full of happiness. A good tour!
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