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                                   Asked by Mr. Russ(China)
                                  I'm Canadian and have been married to a Chinese lady got two years. We got married and we now both live here. What is the procedure for me to qualify for a long term (5 year) permament visa if I plan to stay longer here? I have now been living here for more than four years.

                                   Answered by Mr.Charles
                                  It is very difficult to get a permanent visa. Please read the Regulations on Permanent Residence of Aliens on the website, then you know the regulations are so strict and rigorous.

                                    Asked by Ms. Lily(USA)
                                  Hi, I'm a US passport holder. My 1 year Chinese Visa will expire soon, but I need to stay longer for another five days. I don't think I'll have time to renew it prior to my trip.
                                  So my question here is, can I extend or renew it while in Beijing? I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

                                   Answered by Mrs. Lorna(USA)
                                  Yes, you can extend the duration of your visa at the Exit & Enter Department of Beijing Public Security Bureau before it expires.

                                    Asked by Ms. Marja(AUSTRALIA)
                                  I am a German passport holder with a working visa for Australia, wishing to travel soon - is it possible for me to obtain a visa from one of the consulates in Australia (or possibly new Zealand, as I may be traveling here in the next few months)?? Thanks :)

                                   Answered by Mr. Mac
                                  Yes, you can apply from one Chinese consulate in Australia which is near to you because you hold Australian work visa which permits you stay in Australia for a long time. If you apply in New Zealand, you maybe can't get it because you just a temporary visitors to New Zealand. Please bear in mind that single entry tourist L is only valid for 3 months, please don't apply for it too early.

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                                  Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassies and Consulates
                                  Asked by Gel from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 02, 2021 16:05Reply
                                  My boyfriend wants me to visit China and he is sponsoring me.
                                  The problem is I am unemployed. Is there's a chance my Visa will be denied?
                                  Asked by Sara from PAKISTAN | Dec. 28, 2020 11:39Reply
                                  PU Letter Zhejiang
                                  Hello, I require PU letter to visit my husband in China but when we called the Foriegn office in Zhejiang they said they are not issuing them at the moment. Does anyone know if there is any update to it and how can I get a PU letter to go to Zhejiang province in China?
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Andrew | Dec. 31, 2020 00:48

                                  It is mainly issued to those who work in Zhejiang, not visiting family members, I guess.
                                  Asked by Moha from MOROCCO | Dec. 27, 2020 14:21Reply
                                  Studying with Z visa
                                  Hi, I'm going to work in China, I'm asking if I can study in university with my Z visa.
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Michelle | Dec. 31, 2020 00:28

                                  You can study with the Z visa if your university and employer agree so.
                                  Asked by Jamie from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 26, 2020 04:05Reply
                                  Work permit app to residence permit on z visa

                                  I hold a z visa and in processing for the work permit at the moment, what forms exactly and what’s the process for the residence permit? It is a 12 months one, thanks
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Mindy | Dec. 31, 2020 00:03

                                  You will need to submit an application form for the residence permit and the registration form of temporary residence of foreigners in China.
                                  Asked by Mukesh from INDIA | Dec. 24, 2020 06:20Reply
                                  Actually I working in china I’m from India but last February I come back in India when China has loo
                                  My job in china I come back in India when last February china has lockdown so right now I still looking for going back to china so please tell me how go my visa also has over last November 14 but my work Pramit still on 2021 November 14 so how go get visa to go back please help me
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Eric | Dec. 30, 2020 23:16

                                  Currently all Indian citizens are not allowed to enter China because of the rising confirmed cases of COVID-19. After the entry ban is lifted, you can renew your work visa at the Chinese visa center.
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