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                                  Asked by SAMUEL ADDAI from GHANA | Jan. 06, 2021 17:34Reply
                                  WILL I EEVER GET A JOB?
                                  I am Samuel Addai from Ghana. Born on the 22nd November, 1990. I completed my first degree in 2014 (7years now) and since then I have been in constant search of a job but to no avail. It gets very frustrating and depressing and at times I just feel l like given up on life. I am the first male child of my family and I am from Africa. What this means is that I should by now be able to fend for myself and also assist in taking care of my younger siblings. Unfortunately, that is not the case as my parents keeps on fending for me at my age and this makes me feel like burden to them. Will this situation ever change? I desperately need help!!!
                                  Asked by query from CANADA | Jan. 02, 2021 13:54Reply
                                  when will we get married as the guy is very passive and has low EQ. DOB girl 21-11-1982 boy 29-10-1982
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Abigail | Jan. 04, 2021 18:54

                                  Just have more confidence about the relationship! In daily life, you can behave more active and have more communication with him. In this way, the relationship would be improved a lot. The prediction shows that you would get married in late 2021.
                                  Asked by Guin from USA | Jan. 01, 2021 10:19Reply
                                  Born August 20 1970, Golden Dog, Need Career Advice
                                  I have been unemployed for over a year, underwent lots of career training and spiritual searching band growth in 2020.

                                  Will I have a successful career restart with monetary rewards in 2021?
                                  Answers (2)
                                  Answered by Harper | Jan. 04, 2021 23:13

                                  Yes, it is predicted that the situation would change into a better stage. You would have a large chance to restart your business. And at the same time, you can also meet several lucky stars who can provide some necessary help.
                                  Answered by Guin | Jan. 05, 2021 09:35

                                  Thank you Harper. Can't wait to see if the lucky stars appear!??
                                  Asked by Mary Grace from JAPAN | Dec. 26, 2020 00:41Reply
                                  Are we compatible?
                                  I was born on fire dragon 1976 and my partner was Cancer under Horse. Are we compatible?
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Lily | Dec. 30, 2020 01:33

                                  Don't worry. The prediction shows that your love compatibility index would be high. Thus your love relationship would be stable and harmonious.
                                  Asked by Nali from USA | Dec. 25, 2020 10:04Reply
                                  My birth month is 11/13 what is my zodiac animal?
                                  Answers (1)
                                  Answered by Zoe | Dec. 30, 2020 01:32

                                  Oh, you need to provide your birth year.
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