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                                  As a professional tour operator, we design a host of escorted China tour packages with the best-selling travel deals to remarkable must-see destinations and offer the best quality services. We warmly invite you to join us on a memorable vacation.

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                                    FAQs on China Tour Package

                                    I am interested in some of your city packages. Can you put all them together and offer me a best China tour itinerary?

                                    Yes, you can optionally pick your favorite private city tour itineraries. All our listed private China travel packages are customizable, and our professional travel consultants will help you work out a personalized trip to your liking.

                                    As most of the direct international flights from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, India, Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries will land in Beijing and Shanghai, we'll be glad to arrange your transfer to where you'd like to take a private city package.

                                    What is the opening hour of your tourist sites?

                                    As a general rule, the opening hour of most tourist attractions is 08:00 – 17:30 from April to October, and it is 08:30 -17:00 from November to next March. It should be noted that some sightseeing spots have time limits for ticketing, which is usually one hour ahead of the closing time.

                                    Is tap water drinkable?

                                    No, the tap water in China is undrinkable unless it is boiled, but it is safe for brushing teeth. The hotels usually offer water heater in each room and you can use it to get boiled water to make coffee or tea. Two bottled water is provided free of charge in your room on a daily basis. Besides, we also offer bottled water to our clients for free.

                                    What is the tipping practice in China?

                                    In recognition of good service, tipping guides and drivers during China escorted tours, as well as bellboys who take your luggage to your room has become gradually accepted as common practice in China as elsewhere in the world. But it is still unnecessary to tip for food service or taxis, etc. 

                                    Tipping is discretionary. If you don't think the service received is satisfactory, then don't tip. TravelChinaGuide does not endorse poor service. However, if you are quite satisfied with the guide or driver's service or their services are beyond your expectation, you could tip to show your appreciation. We will offer suggestions according to the group size.

                                    I see some of your China vacation packages include a high-speed train experience. Is it air-conditioned? Also, is there dining car available for lunch or dinner?

                                    Yes, all the high-speed trains are air-conditioned, and there are dinning carriages available providing food and drink. However, the pre-packed boxed meals and snacks available on board are usually less satisfying, so we suggest you bring some food as simple lunch or dinner should you not wish to use the dining car.

                                    Where can I see and hold a panda?

                                    Chengdu, famed for being the home of giant pandas, is the best destination for people who would like to see and know more about this lovely creature. You can visit either Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas or Dujiangyan Panda Base. The latter one is a little bit far from Chengdu with about 1.5 hours driving time. At present, visitors can only hold a panda cub to take photos for a few precious seconds at Dujiangyan Panda Base. 

                                    For those who are unable to go to Chengdu due to a tight travel schedule, you may consider visiting the pandas in Beijing Zoo, Chongqing Zoo or Shanghai Zoo.

                                    Can a vegetarian get proper food when traveling with you? Also, is it difficult to find a suitable restaurant ourselves?

                                    Yes, vegetarians are well catered for during our guided tours. For the meals included, we will make proper arrangements according to your food taboos. When the meals are unplanned in our itinerary, you can ask your guide for advice on suitable restaurants. Most of the mid-range restaurants in major tourist cities have photo menus available.

                                    Can I use US dollars at stores and restaurants? What about Credit Cards?

                                    In most cases, only Chinese currency is accepted in stores and restaurants. Major Credit Cards including Master Card, Visa, American Express, are acceptable in most large department stores and shopping malls. In order to avoid embarrassment, we suggest you ask whether Credit Card is accepted before placing an order. 

                                    For your convenience, it is more advisable to exchange enough RMB for personal consumption during your trip. It is easy to exchange money at most airports, banks in downtown areas and the star-rated hotels. Usually, the hotels only exchange money for their guests. Remember to take your passport, which has to be presented when converting currency.

                                    Our party consists of three persons, so can we share the same room?

                                    Yes, you can stay in the same hotel guest room for convenience. In this case, we will book an extra bed including daily breakfast for the third person during escorted China tours.

                                    We are planning a honeymoon vacation package to China, what destinations do you recommend?

                                    As a diverse and vibrant country, China has long been popular with honeymooning couples. Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are the most frequently visited international metropolises. These three cities never disappoint honeymooners as there is always something of interest to do for all couples. When it comes to the most romantic cities, Guilin with Yangshuo, Lijiang and Hangzhou are greatly favored by newlyweds. Besides, if you want to experience something different, the mysterious Tibet is a good choice.
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                                      4.8455 Reviews
                                      Phillip Erenrich
                                      Posted on December 29, 2020
                                      The itinerary of Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Guilin – Shanghai was arranged well!
                                      The tour guides explained well!
                                      And the service was in high quality!
                                      A good memory in China!
                                      Posted on November 30, 2020
                                      The itinerary was reasonable! The service was considerate and we felt at ease. No shopping stop. The guides in Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai were excellent! Their explanations were careful and appealing! The food in Beijing was just so-so and without various types! We were a little tired but extremely happy on this 8 days private China tour!
                                      John Gamberini
                                      Posted on November 29, 2020
                                      It was so awesome a trip!
                                      The tour guides of this China trip were so enthusiastic and their travel interpretations were really significant and helped me a lot to understand the Chinese history and culture.
                                      All in all, it is a great trip and do not miss it!
                                      Susan Moore
                                      Posted on November 23, 2020
                                      We hoped to convey our compliments to TCG and all guides. Our first tour with TCG exceeded our expectations no matter the accommodation, meals, or itinerary. All the staff were nice and professional. A perfect 11 days China tour to Beijing - Xi'an - Zhangjiajie - Shanghai!
                                      Posted on October 16, 2020
                                      The price of this trip was reasonable and fair, and the service was considerate.
                                      Adhering to the principle of customer first, every staff of TCG treated us enthusiastically and responsibly. Traveling in a strange country, the tour guides helped us solve many problems and made full use of our time, so as to enhance our travel experience. We were very satisfied with our China trip.
                                      Besides, the scenic spots were well-known and worth visiting many times. The tour guide's introduction also made me feel the charm of Chinese civilization! ... More
                                      Posted on October 03, 2020
                                      We enjoyed a joyful time on this 11 days China tour. The landscape in Guilin and Yangtze was luring. The guides were professional, knowledgeable and humorous. A really memorable tour!
                                      Posted on September 26, 2020
                                      Each of our guides contributed to our trip in their own style and with their own personality. If I had to choose one guide in Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai, it must be Jacky in Xi’an. He was extremely humorous and careful. He cared about everything related to us. We were grateful for what he did for us.
                                      Although the weather was a little hot, we felt cool as everything went like clockwork. Our 10 days small group China tour was excellent!
                                      Posted on August 29, 2020
                                      The professional explanations made the historical sites more interesting! We were surprised at the guides’ extensive knowledge reserves! Great! ?????? Thanks to all your team for the wonderful China tour!
                                      Paul Reuveni
                                      the United States
                                      Posted on August 13, 2020
                                      It was a satisfying China tour! The TCG brought us many surprises, especially the guides. They were greatly excellent in each city. They made our trip more relaxing! Their narrations of the scenic spots were in detail and interesting! It was the first time for us to have a family tour to China and we had great fun!
                                      Posted on July 20, 2020
                                      All the arrangements can only be described as excellent and the great value for money. The weather was so hot in Beijing and the guide Sara was so considerate to offer some water tous in advance. She also made some adjustments to our itinerary and kept us from the sunburn. The hot weather was easy to drive us mad but Sara tried her best to create a comfortable and cool environment. For example, she told the driver to turn on the air-conditioner before we got on the bus. It was so kind of her! During the daytime, she brought us to visit the indoor scenic spots, such as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. Especially the Summer Palace, it was surrounded by water and we felt cool! At night, it was not so hot and she guided us to take a walk along old Hutong Alleys. We happily talked with the local people with the help of the guide Sara. Actually, we could also understand each other with some gestures. It was not so difficult! ... More
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